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THE video reference library to practice sketching people from life

Forget boring academic life drawing and get sketching the REAL people of the world!

Join today and get access to over 100 reference videos you can sketch from. Significantly improve your people sketching skills right away.

For ANYONE who wants to sketch people from life.

Bring the real world into your home and practice, practice, practice!

Do you desperately want to improve your people sketching skills? Not that academic stuff where you sketch anatomy from nude people in an awkward silent room…. I mean REAL people, doing REAL things…like moving and stuff.

Are you dreaming of the day when you can just sketch whenever and whatever you want?

Maybe you’ve nailed architecture and you’re ready to move on to organic life forms (people).

Maybe you actually find drawing buildings boring and you would rather capture movement and action.

There will be situations in our video library that you may never even get to encounter in your normal life.

Do you live in a rural setting and city life is just not something you can access readily?

Are you not mobile for one reason or another and you can’t get out easily?

Are you shy and find drawing people from life super awkward (we've all been there don’t you worry)?

Do you just want to practice as much and as often as possible?

Bring the magic of real people in real life straight to your screen - practice sketching each and every day.

The library has clips of people doing all sorts of things from all over the world. The videos have sketchers and artists in mind. All action has been looped for several minutes, although you have control to keep looping the video too. 

People sketching for everyone

The membership price is as low as possible (to cover our admin and hosting costs). At the same price as one cup of coffee per month, it's a bargain! If you’d like to commit yourself, you can buy an annual subscription for 20% off the monthly cost. Forget boring academic life drawing and get sketching the real people of the world!! US$5 per month (I know, right?!) cheap as chips coffee!! Cancel & rejoin anytime.

Join today and gain access to a library of over 100 videos. Significantly improve your people sketching skills NOW!

A video library to improve your people sketching skills

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